Secret Slob


Secret Slob at Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago IL, October 29 – December 22, 2016

Submitted for your approval
By an author’s loyal ghost

Endlessly toiling
Through the night
Staring at a screen
Splayed across a mattress
Where we lay our scene
And when at last
Its glass goes black
The reflection shows
The Slob

Outside amongst the concrete
A system rigged and mean
Some try-hard leans against a hood
Devising of a scheme

Heavy baskets of deplorables
And dishes in the sink
He hasn’t time to give a shit
He hasn’t space to think

Ladies and germs
The slob
See his haggard stare
When will he pay the mounting debts
Against integrity

Described in J.D. Salinger’s The Cather in the Rye, a ‘secret slob’ is someone who behaves as outwardly virtuous while hiding their sordid habits. Where his last exhibition, Moonlighting, 3 the incessant hustle that one participates in as a worker striving in a precarious economy, Justin John Greene’s newest body of work examines the dubious and dangerous consequences of that ongoing hustle. Forced to bluff, concede, and bend or mask one’s own being in order to get by, the characters in Greene’s paintings are engaged in a murky, complex narrative of contemporary survival.